Heavy Work Activities

Heavy work activities are activities that involve the big muscles and joints of the body (pushing, pulling, carrying, etc.). Heavy work activities help release a neurotransmitter called serotonin that helps calm and organize our brain and bodies. Below are some examples of heavy work activities:

  • Carrying heavy books from one room to another at school
  • Playing tug of war with a rope
  • Crawling through a tunnel
  • Pushing themselves around on a scooter board
  • Pulling another student that is holding a hula hoop and sitting on a scooter board
  • Pulling another child around on a sheet or blanket
  • Pushing the cart while grocery shopping
  • Doing animal walks (crab, bear, bunny, kangaroo, elephant, etc.)
  • Wall push ups – stand up with hands against the wall and do a push up
  • Popcorn – sitting in a chair push up on hands so bottom is off the seat, keep popping up and down like popcorn

There are so many activities that would be considered heavy work activities. Any activity that involves the large muscles of the body are great for organizing the brain to help the child be ready to learn. Use these activities throughout the day to help children stay on task and provide them with the movement their bodies crave!