Tips for Left Handed Writers

  • As with all writing/desktop activities make sure the child is sitting in a well supported position
    • Feet are well supported
    • Hips and knees are at 90 degrees
    • Back is well supported
  • Have the child angle their paper clockwise about 30 degrees to the left (the bottom of the paper moves towards the left and the left top corner is pointing upwards)
  • Can place tape on the desk around the paper to form an outline to remind the child of the ideal paper position (a taped outline of one corner works well)
  • Encourage the child to move their grasp up the pencil about 1 – 1.5” so they are able to see their writing and avoid smudging
  • Can place a sticker on the pencil as a visual cue as to where they should have their fingers
  • Instruct the child to keep their hand underneath the line they are writing on
  • Rather than having the paper in the center of their body have the child move their paper to the left of their body so their eyes can see the writing as they move across the paper
  • Make sure they are using their right hand as their “helper hand” to hold the paper in place
  • Try writing on a slant board to help position their wrist appropriately and to help make the writing more visible
  • When using spiral notebooks flip the notebook around so that the spiral is on the right instead of the left
  • When using scissors make sure to use left handed ones
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